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How Accurate is an Personality Career Test?

Most every career assessment test out there is made by professionals and often provides key information regarding your career orientation. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, you can now take this test from your computer, provided the fact that you have an internet connection. The career test is even more complete than a regular test taken with a psychologist. The advanced graphical technology provides sophisticated visual information and an in-depth report. The test is not always “correct”, meaning that you need to take responsibility for how you interpret the results.

You should not expect to get answers to all of your questions from a personality career test, mainly because it’s doesn’t take into account your subjective preferences, which are not detectable through a series of questions and can only be pointed out by psychologist or by yourself, if you spend a lot of time analyzing your own thoughts. No matter what the career test is saying, eventually you will choose something that you like doing, even if it contradicts the advices given by the test results.

The test is good at giving you essential information about potential careers in which you might do well. The problem with a career test, and any test for that matter, is that it does not offer a complete picture of your career perspective. You need to connect all the pieces together: the results from the test, your preferences, your experience in various activities, your talents and your intuition. By combining all these pieces you will obtain a complete result your own most important question: “what career should I choose?”.

All careers are gradually shifting toward being more flexible and incorporating other professions. If managing companies was done perfectly without computer knowledge, these days that's almost impossible to do. You need to combine your IT knowledge with your management skills in order to be successful in a management career.


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