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How to draw a cartoony male face

I was going to do a tutorial on how to draw the side profile of someone's face... but... it was too boring. So let's do something fun! A tutorial on how to draw a cartoony male face. For a realistic tutorial see how to draw faces: male.

Let's practice drawing a random face - anime/cartoon-style! Wee! A face tutorial! Again! I'm so original.

Okay... now that my tablet is finally working after the extremely technical maneuver to re-seat the pen's battery - Let's begin.


Once upon a time there was a Circle:

And the Circle met a handsome, yet petite, Triangle man:

They fell in love and were married by mister Guideline and mister Other Guideline (yes, they can have two "priests", darnit, it's my story!):


The married couple went on honey-moon and had a kid, whose gender is still unspecified o.O :

Unspecified-gender-kid became an angry teenager (note the eyebrows) who did not like to brush his/her/its hair :

With an adventurous heart the boy (yes, we know what it is now) left his mom and dad when he turned 18 and braved the world on his own:

He set his sights on a pet shop and became a hard-working young man. He was seen as attractive by some female customers, but considered hideous by others:

One day he stood up to his boss who had been bullying him every day since he'd started work. He shoved the mean man (who was incidentally allergic to cats), into β€œThe Cage of Death”. The cage of death was nicknamed thus by the boss of this specific establishment, because it contained all the new arriving kittens. That was the day our hero grew a back-bone – and a neck too, mind you:

Later the same day our hero found himself being fired by a sneezing, teary-eyed man. He exited the pet shop with his favorite kitten in hand (which he could not bear to leave behind), when he bumped into the most gorgeous woman evah! She immediately fell in love with the kitten, and - you guessed it - he immediately fell in love with her. So he set out to clean himself up in an attempt outshine the kitten in cuteness:

His attempt was semi-successful. After many months of dating she promised to marry him if he had plastic surgery on his mouth and got a tatoo. So he did:

After the very painful surgery, Pretty Boy married Pretty Girl. They moved to the country and had many cute kittens together. The end.

Process animation:


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