Boosting Your Immune System Naturally

Boosting immunity naturally. There are lots and lots of single remedies, as well as combination remedies that are effective when boosting the immune system. What is important to understand is that it is normal to have a couple of colds a year, but the duration and severity can be reduced, when one is eating well [...]

UTI Home Remedies (Herbs, Diet & Supplements)

Burning desperately to pee?The following are all possible signs and symptoms of a UTI (urinary tract infection): pain or burning when you pee; fever and or chills (in children fever may be the only symptom); a need to pee more often, accompanied by a feeling of urgency during peeing; major warning sign is blood or [...]

Diet Guidelines & Supplements for Hair Growth

Struggling to grow luxurious tresses or simply want to grow great hair? Read on for a few foods to include in your diet and a few supplements to top up with. Most important to remember is like all of the body, one’s hair needs a balanced and complete diet. Variety is the key. Make sure [...]

Muscle Gain: Herbs, Supplements & Diet Guidelines for Bodybuilding

Want to bulk up and gain muscle? By far the easiest and most popular way to supplement ones diet when looking to gain muscle is to add powdered protein to the diet. Please do note at this juncture that you will not gain muscle even if supplementing with protein unless you are exercising correctly. Powdered [...]

Depression, Anxiety & Stress: Herbs, Supplements & Diet Guidelines

For those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and stress, read on. While you are about it make a cup of green tea. One of the components in green tea L-Theanine is proving to have excellent anti-anxiety effects. L-Theanine is the major amino acid found in green tea. It seemingly works to relieve [...]

Runners & Athletes: Herbs, Supplements & Diet Guidelines

For the active –looking to sustain, boost and build. For those whom are more active and finding that they need to sustain more muscle mass as well as build more muscle read on. We will cover some herbs, supplements and eating guidelines to follow when one is exercising more rigorously. Protein The most vital intake [...]

Losing Weight and Fat: Herbs, Supplements & Diet Guidelines

Looking to lose a few centimetres? Read on. The most common complaint is that one just needs to lose a few centimetres “around”. This article is designed to provide you with some hints, tips, herbs and supplements to enable you to do just this and look fantastic. Herbs & Spices We will start with some [...]

Protect Your Home with Fire Retardant

According to the National Fire Protection Association, on average, 400,000 homes are damaged or destroyed by fires, fetching an annual price-tag of approximately $7 billion. This is a staggering amount of money that could be kept in the bank if some steps to protect your home from fires are taken. Water is still used by [...]

6 Helpful Tips on Losing Weight Fast

The following weight loss plan can help you lose anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds in one week. This plan does not involve starving, diet pills, or cutting out food groups in their entirety. It's all about making small sacrifices and adapting certain methods that will benefit you in the long run. Make Water Your [...]

Easy Bottling of Summer Fruits

Bottling fruit need not be a big chore. Simply prepare the fruit, place in a big pot, and add water to cover measuring the quantity. Add sugar to taste (according to the measure of water), and bring to the boil. Cook until the fruit is soft and bottle while hot. Let stand upside down for [...]

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