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The History of Jerusalem (part 5C)

Introduction After the Jews were banished from Judea they dispersed all over the world. Jerusalem was ruled by Gentile nations for centuries. The Bible abounds with prophecies concerning the gathering of the Jews back to the Promised Land. The first gathering produced the modern State of Israel, which was necessary for the fulfillment of the [...]

The History of Jerusalem (part 2)

Introduction Before the Israelites entered the land of Canaan, God warned them through Moses, "If you keep my laws I will give you life and prosperity, but if you forsake me I will also forsake you and bring calamity upon you" and you will not live long in the promised land. [1] After the reign [...]

The History of Jerusalem (part 1)

Introduction Jerusalem is regarded as a sacred city by the three monotheistic faiths of the world, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. However, as the capital of the State of Israel since +/- 1000 BC, and the place where God chose to have his temple built, it became the spill around which the Jewish people's lives revolved. [...]