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15 Great Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Author: James Wendt.

It may be somewhat difficult to compile a list of 15 great ways to lose belly fat fast as all the tips provided may not be the right ways for all people. Obesity and belly fat are widely spread syndromes and there are no simple solutions to get rid of them. Everyone’s body is different and every person may need a personalized approach to attain fat loss.


15 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Nonetheless, we can shortlist 15 well-considered ways on how to lose belly fat and suggest to the readers to select whatever ways suit them best from the list.

1. As a first step, maintain a record everything that you eat and drink. You need not be unduly obsessed with the quantum of calories. You will find that being continually aware of what you eat or drink will help you to regulate your daily food intake.

2. You do not have to forego completely all your favorite food items. Straightaway reduce by half the intake of all fatty substances. For instance, you should spread half the earlier quantity of butter on your bread, toast, muffins and potatoes. Likewise, use half the usual amount of mayonnaise/sauce on your salad; and cook with half the oil while frying every time.


3. Restrict all confectionary treats and sugary items including chocolate, ice cream, desserts, cake, pastries and cookies to only Sundays or any one day of the week.

4. Make sure that the fat source of protein at most meals is minimal – be it chicken, fish, eans, cottage cheese, or low fat yogurt. Have eggs, nuts and red meat as seldom as possible.

5. You should have minimum one lunch and dinner every week sans meat and cheese. Instead consume whole grains, vegetables and beans to increase fiber and lower fat.

6. It is important that you reduce the fat content by at least half in your dairy products – particularly milk. Choose cheese and yogurt with lower fat. When buying yogurt, make sure that it does not contain sugar.

7. Fresh fruits must form part of your daily food intake. You should have least two servings of fruit every day. Choose fruits instead of dessert or snacks

8. Drink copious water and totally avoid sodas, juices, milky drinks and alcohol. Learn to drink hot water with a slice of lemon that can be very invigorating in the morning.

9. Have at least two servings of green vegetables both during lunch and dinner. If you are feeling hungry, have more and more green vegetables.

10. It is amazing to see a whole lot of people skipping their breakfast erroneously thinking that they are going to lose weight. Skipping breakfast will actually make you gain more weight as your body will begin to store your lunch and dinner as fat. The golden rule is never skip your breakfast.

11. Your protein intake has to be increased. Protein is crucial for your muscles and more muscle will mean increased metabolism rates that will in turn burn fat.

12. This might sound contradictory but you will actually increase your metabolism if you eat more light meals in a day. Have six small meals a day (low in sugar, starch, fat and bad carbohydrates) instead of three heavy meals.

13. Do cardio exercises like running, jogging, cycling, swimming, brisk walking or any outdoor games. Merely eating a balanced diet will not suffice. You will have to complement it with physical workouts.

14. If you succeed in getting a good master, practice yoga as that would strengthen your core muscles and improve balance, stability, flexibility, and of course help lose body fat.

15. Please remember that you must have at least 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep as your body and mind will need that amount of rest. Avoid over-sleeping as also under-sleeping.

Fat loss is not easy for most people simply because they soon yield to the temptation of junk food and tardiness. They do well for about a week and then abandon all efforts. If you want to succeed, you must be patient and persistent. If you sincerely follow all of the above 15 tips, you will assuredly see positive results within a short span of time.

Author: James Wendt.

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