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Why You Should Buy The Emotion Temptation Kayak? My Review tells all...

The Emotion Temptation Kayak is a of sit-on-top kayak which is extremely versatile that paddles very well in almost all water conditions like slow moving rivers, lakes, surf and creeks.

This kayak is fully loaded with all the features including Ledge Lock Paddle Keeper, CRS Seat and freedom Footwells for providing comfort as well as convenience. The Solace Hatch provides ample storage space for overnight trips or day outings. The hull has an outstanding speed, stability and tracking for this 10 ft kayak.

I have taken the Temptation Kayak out various times to the NC, Outer Banks, the gulf at Cedar key, Ohio river, Florida and various other lakes as well as rivers of Kentucky. Even in the roughest conditions, I never felt that I was closer to tipping over.

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You might get wet where there is little rough water. However, you can plug the scupper holes by using rubber plugs. You should leave the pugs in order to drain back the water out in case the water is really rough.


Some of the Product Features are listed below:

  • Comfortable and secure luggage handles
  • Molded seat back  which is contoured adjustable
  • Large bow hatch to store
  • Paddle keeper with ledge
  • Materials made from special polyethylene plastic
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to repair
  • You can get the Temptation Kayak at best price with home delivery using this link.

I have bought the kayak mainly for fishing and wild life photography at times. I only face the problem to keep my favorite camera gear dry in some rough conditions. The back compartment is good but it is hard to reach when you are on the water.

As it is difficult to access the front storage compartment while you are inside the boat,  it is best used for day trips or when you are docking or accessing from land. These minor problems are true for any kind of kayak, so you cannot say that this is the fault of Emotion Kayak Temptation.

I have no problem in loading or unloading the kayak on to my Subaru Forester. The kayak has also replaced my canoe as canoe's are very hard for loading or unloading.

The emotion kayak temptation is well made. The plastic gets scratched when it hits the rocks but nothing serious happens to the kayak. It is true for the kind of material it is made of. Its plastic has a solid color which makes little scratches unnoticeable. I am pretty sure this kayak will last for years to come.

I am very much satisfied with this emotion temptation kayak and highly recommend it.

It's available in various colors


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