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What Does It Take to Take Care of a Horse

Horses have been our constant companion since the dawn of civilization. These intelligent and hardworking creatures have helped us in war, in sports and in raising our families. They are also great pets that will be with you and your family throughout the years. Whether you want a show horse or simply a pet, these tips for taking care of them should come in handy.

Groom your horse daily - Grooming is very important especially if you frequently ride your horse. Aside from maintaining his overall health, you can also help identify any swelling or cuts that your horse might have gotten in the field. It's also a great way for you or a family member to bond with your pet.


Watch what they eat - Horses like to graze on fresh plants but you should watch what they are eating since they might eat something toxic. Among the plants that you should watch out for are the deadly nightshade, pigweed, bracken fern, milkweed and horse tails. You should also check your horse's hay and see if it's dusty or moldy. Dusty or moldy hay may introduce mold spores into your horse's lungs and cause some serious ailments.

See if Supplements are Necessary - Horses can get all their nutrients in fresh grass but sometimes it may not be available in your area. There might be grass in your area but the land simply doesn't yield as much minerals as it used to. Your horse might also do a lot of heavy work, or maybe is recovering from giving birth. If you are concerned about any of these issues then it's best to ask your veterinarian or feed store if your horse needs to take supplements.

Give them a Nice Home - Horses need a good, clean stall or stable to live in. Owners should ensure that their shelters are regularly cleaned to prevent build-up of dirt and manure which may harbor parasites and disease-causing microorganisms. It's also wise to invest in a fire protection system and practice fire drills, especially considering all the wood, grass and hay in the horse's shelter.


If you have no shelters to house your horses then you may look for boarding stables for them. Select ones with clean stalls, good ventilation, adequate space and a healthy food supply. You should also take a look at the horses already stabled there. If they are bickering or expressing discontent then it might not be a good idea to leave your horse there. Finally check the boarding stable's contract to see how much their services cost and how often you can have access to your pet.

Treasure fond memories - Horses are not just pets; they're also a part of the family. As such it's crucial to treasure every important event in family portraits. More competitive show horse owners may also take advantage of collecting their horses' pictures to improve their developing portfolios. Either way, you would want an award-winning, professional equine photographer to capture your horse's best features. You can visit to learn how to get excellent photographs and portraits for your horses.


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