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Do It Yourself Fashion Tips for One of a Kind Items

Clothes from chain stores or second hand items can be easily turned into a one of a kind item with a few easy tips and tricks. A little bit of creativity can get you a long way. Be your own designer and create an entirely unique look. To get some stunning results you don't even need to spend a lot of money. Just recycle what fabrics you still have lying around the house. Get your sewing machine, scissors and fabric glue out!

Disco Shoes

Silver disco shoes
Alexandre Syrota / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Not all of us know how to properly use a sewing machine and the thought of attempting to handle a fiddly needles is a nightmare. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to alter your clothing with the use of a sewing kit. At the end of the day it is more about the creative idea than about what tools you use. Do yo have a pair of shoes that have somehow become... boring? With nail varnish and patience you can turn your shoes into disco shoes. You'll need black nail varnish as a foundation. It would be best to use black nail varnish and bring out the glitter of the nail varnish you will use as a top layer. First, apply the black nail varnish. A pair of shoes requires a fair amount of nail varnish therefore make sure you get enough bottles to cover the area you want to sparkle. Whether you want to cover the entire shoe or just highlight the heel is up to you. Let the nail varnish dry completely. If you are impatient you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Afterwards apply the top layer of glittering nail varnish and voil, your disco shoes are ready to rock the dance floor... or the streets!

Pimp My Shirt

The boring basic t-shirt from last year doesn't have to be put on the "get-rid-off" pile. It can be easily made to look more interesting by adding a few highlights. One easy method of improving the look of your basic is by adding lace fabric either with needle or fabric glue. This will give the shirt a playful and romantic look. Studs or sequins are other great and easy ways to upgrade your tops. Many of us will have that kind of material in the house already so this will keep the costs at a minimum. Studs can be added to the shoulder or the collar. Applying sequins can be a bit more painstaking however the result tends to be worth it. Create roses, hearts etc. for very little money.

Let yourself get inspired and don't throw away every top or pair of shoes you might be bored of. Start combining your newly created wardrobe with the right accessories. Sparkling disco shoes for instance would go fantastically with an Ice Watch. A look with studs is best complemented with a Lipsy watch or an elegant Michael Kors design. Feminine laces go beautifully with designs by Dreyfuss & Co., Citizen or Radley. Find a reange of designer watches for ladies and gents on


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