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What is Gout and natural foods to beat it

For those who are not aware, Gout is a condition which affects the knee joints leading a person to goudy arthritis, hyperuricemia and many other.

What is Gout?

A painful condition in your joints and soft tissues, Gout develops when the uric acid (body waste) starts to get deposited causing them to inflame ultimately leading to arthritis, redness, pain, stiffness in the joints etc.


Normally, gout affects only the podagra (big toe), but in many cases, it affects the joints such as ankles, knees, fngers and elbows apart from inflammation in the big toe. Sometimes uric acid also affects the kidneys and lead to kidney stone.

Some of the symptoms noticed in people with gout are uric acid crystals noticed in the joint fluid, sudden attack of arthritis giving a swollen, red joint or pain in only one knee, toe, or ankle etc.

Diagnosis & Treatment:

Diagnosis for Gout are often difficult as the symptoms differ from person to person. However, to confirm, your health practitioner may insert a needle to check the inflamed joint and will draw a sample of synovial fluid (a lubrication that moves the joint easily). If uric acid crystals are noticed, you are suffering from Gout. However, their absence does not indicate that you do not possess Gout.

Gout can be treated with various therapies recommended by your health practitioner which also includes losing your weight if you are obese as it may lead to another type of arthritis. Medications include non-steroid drugs are given which can be ingested orally or injected in the joint that has been affected to reduce the inflammation of uric acid crystals. Sadly, though these medications do not effect the level of uric acid in the body.

Best Natural Foods to beat Gout:


  • avoid purine rich foods such as seafood, meats that increases the uric acid in your body thus promoting gout
  • low fat dairy products like skimmed milk
  • say YES to carb foods such as whole grains, beans or brown rice
  • vitamin C found in carrots, oranges and other citric foods can actually lower the uric acid levels
  • no-no to colas, sodas or other beverages or sugary foods with fructose corn syrup
  • stop smoking and consumption of alcohol
  • water, water everywhere drink water as the lack of H2O can rise your uric acid levels
  • exercise and stay in weight as obese people are more prone to gouty arthritis

Apart from these foods, you can also choose home remedies such as using cold compression with ice to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain. Stop moving around when in acute pain and take rest. Take a pillow and keep the inflammed joint in an upright position.

If you are having Gout for the first time, do not panic and call your physician as you may be suffering from high fever or chills. If symptoms does not improve within 48 hours, consult your doctor.

You are definitely aware how antibiotics works for you. If you want to try something homeopathic which aids in definite recovery without inducing any side effects, try Goutinex from Hello Life which is one of the most popular products for treating Gout.

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