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How to draw a body: female

Someone once asked me to do a body tutorial and I thought it was like asking an architect to explain how to draw a building. You get big buildings, small buildings, skyscrapers, shacks, office buildings, homes, theaters, museums, castles, palaces, churches, temples and who knows what else. The human body varies from person to person [...]

How to draw a wing

A friend asked me the other day how she should go about drawing angelic wings. To try to explain it through Skype was perhaps not the best idea - as her vague "uhs" and "okays" indicated. So here's a better idea: a tutorial, complete with illustrations. For this tutorial we'll be using a bird's wings [...]

How to draw a cartoony male face

I was going to do a tutorial on how to draw the side profile of someone's face... but... it was too boring. So let's do something fun! A tutorial on how to draw a cartoony male face. For a realistic tutorial see how to draw faces: male. Let's practice drawing a random face - anime/cartoon-style! [...]

How to draw faces: female

Here's a quick tutorial on how to draw a face. (Also see our male face tutorial). Please check out these tips before you read any further: (If you've done one of my tutorials before you don't have to check the tips again). I used Photoshop to draw this picture, but don't worry, it's the same [...]

Drawing: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you start any drawing: 1. Get inspiration Before you start drawing, look at other artist’s work, especially those you admire. More often than not, their techniques and styles will stick in your mind and come out when you put your pencil to paper (or tablet to [...]

How to draw a flower

Here's a quick tutorial on how to draw a basic flower. First, you need to know how to draw a circle, triangle and square. Like so: Can you do that? Excellent! Now you can draw anything. It's true, I'll show you. Here are some tips before we start: 1. Get inspiration Before you start drawing, [...]

How to draw a car

The tips I'll be giving here can be used to draw ANYTHING. The same basic principles apply to every drawing. Anyone can draw. Yes, you heard me, anyone - even you. If you can draw a circle, triangle or square, then you can draw, as you'll see later. The trick you have to learn is [...]

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