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Is it possible to reach the maximum level in SWTOR within 7 days of playing?

In just a single week, the MMO game known as Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has created history in MMO. According to recent statistics, around a million online players participated in playing the mmo game just one week after it has been introduced in December 2011. Aside from this, SWTOR has also shown advancement in [...]

Getting Over the Fear of Cooking

Despite increasing health concerns and new stories every day of the benefits of healthy eating, not enough people are cooking in their own kitchens. Some of this can be attributed to time constraints, and of course there are people who simply prefer to eat out. But there is also a large segment of the population [...]

Wear The Right Gear For Running In Winter

Winter running can be just as exhilarating as running in the warmer months, as long as you remember to pay attention to a few details which will help you thrive in the cold weather. All the major running brands now offer their own ranges of cold weather running clothing, so you shouldn't have any reason [...]

Tips to Prevent and Remove Cat Urine

I can't imagine not living with cats but I can't take living with the smell of cat pee! Over the years I've had my fair share of rebellious felines who think that my plants make a good bathroom or perhaps find a nice cozy spot near the curtains that they somehow think I won't see. [...]

How Accurate is an Personality Career Test?

Most every career assessment test out there is made by professionals and often provides key information regarding your career orientation. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, you can now take this test from your computer, provided the fact that you have an internet connection. The career test is even more complete than a regular [...]

How to win an argument

Tips for forum discussions and debates If you are an avid Internet explorer like myself – and I'm not saying that I'm a browser – you may have noticed that forums and discussion boards are nesting grounds for intellectual morons, if there is such a thing. Forums have developed a culture of their own. Mainly [...]

Using Mind Machines To Attain Altered States

Since we've had the ability to make decisions and interact with our environment, humans have always held sacred those things that strongly influenced their mind. Every culture has their own form of this, and it ranges in everything from the spiritual leaders promoting fasting and prayer to the shaman ritual of ingesting ayahuasca in the [...]

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