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Good Food, Getting Fit and Gardening: The Perfect Recipe to Make Your Day Stress-Free

When people feel the attack of stress on their body, the one thing they do is forget. They forget that stress makes you go deep into unhealthy lifestyle habits and they forget that what matters most is not what causes your stress but about what you do when stress strikes at you.

A pretty good question anyway.

When your body is stressed, you're more likely to turn into unhealthy habits. You eat too much sweets (and it's a wonder you don't get a toothache up until now), you slouch in the couch holding that remote control or you face your computer screen trying to think that you're keeping your stress levels down.



Instead of helping yourself, you are actually making the wrong move of increasing your stress levels more than you are trying to keep it at bay. So what do we have here then? I think there's a perfect recipe to keep your day stress-free and anxious-less. Want to know more about that? Read the following:

Good food.

The first rule of the stressed person is to keep their stress levels down by eating what they think de-stresses them. Others go for chocolates or anything so long as they're sweets. Other down two cans of beer. Others won't eat anything at all. Others would choose to eat more even when they can't anymore and having all these bad habits towards food is not an ounce healthy to do for you. So why do it anyway?

Stress is about being proactive and reactive both at the same time. You cannot avoid it because even a little child can be stressed all by themselves. To avoid stress, one of the best things to do is to enjoy a plate of good food. What I mean with good food is something that you don't just like because it tastes good but you want it because it's good both for your mind and body. Eating a lot of leafy greens, fruits and other varieties of vegetables are best recommended for you because they help strengthen your defense system which in turn helps you fight stress better and promotes your moods to become better.

Get fit.

The rules of healthy living are pretty simple: eat well and get moving.


Exercise is one of the 'fit' word most commonly used but is not really practiced by everyone. Given that you eat well and eat right but where are you putting all those foods and calories? When you want to burn calories through exercise, you are not only burning them. You are actually trying to build muscles by working out. But there are actually many ways by which you can exercise. The simplest acts of running, riding your bicycle, walking your dog or mowing your lawn and your neighbors are things that could easily get you moving. You get fit not because you are a member of a gym but because you constantly find something to do and sweat about doing it. Keep a daily routine of exercise that you are ready to do like cycling or jogging with your friends, cleaning your house or go swimming. Doing any of these things for at least 30 minutes every day keeps your heart fit, your body sound and your mind sharper away from stress, anxiety and worst, depression.


This is not actually a must but if you want a combination of good food and getting fit, you'd get gardening at the other side of the equation. Gardening has been proven to boost both physical and mental health by promoting satisfaction, better nutrition and relaxation. Gardening allows you to provide your family with real organic food that you yourself took time to care for and grow. The simple acts of planting a seed, watering them a day and tilling the ground is no easy task and they qualify for the getting fit part. Besides, who wouldn't want to set up a garden themselves if it means getting fresher air, prettier lawns and cheaper vegetables and fruits that you know is 100% to eat and share?

So if you want to have good food and get fit at the same time, gardening would be your best choice to do.


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