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The top basic supplements that you may not be aware of...

Originally I did an article on the five best supplements. I am going to rehash a little of it as a recap and then add on a few more that are also great supplements.

Many of us take multivitamins, of the effervescent form. What we do not realise that mostly the better multivitamins come in capsules or tablets. But simply taking a multivitamin is not enough, we also need to supplement with a few other items to make sure our bodies are getting optimum levels of vitamins. Especially because the water soluble vitamins, like the B-vitamin family only stay in the system for hours and not days.

To recap the most basic five are:

  • A good, comprehensive multivitamin.
  • A great vitamin C – take a non-acidic form.
  • Fish oils (essential fatty acids) – refer to my article on which fish oils are best for more information -
  • A good quality calcium supplement – with a citrate, gluconate or hydroxyapatite form of calcium and all the co-factors like vitamin D, magnesium and boron.
  • Do not forget to take probiotics to support the gut function, look for quality supplements with 1.5 billion and up strength.

Once you have these basics in place then it is time to address things like:


  • How stressed are you?
  • Do you struggle to sleep?
  • What is a good immune booster for winter?
  • Does my heart need support?
  • Do I struggle with hormonal imbalance?
  • Should I take antioxidants?

1. What do I take for stress?

The most important to start with is a great vitamin B complex. Vitamin B’s are vital as the aid the conversion of food into fuel for the body. More important than this is that they keep the nervous system functioning properly and keep you mind sharp. Add to this that they keep your skin, nails, hair, and eyes healthy and you have a sure-fire winner. If you still feel you need a little more support then add Rhodiola rosea, which specifically support adrenal gland function and encourages a health response to stress by normalising the stress hormone levels.

2. Need to sleeeep…

You can’t beat melatonin for regulating and normalising the body’s internal clock. Please consult carefully with a qualified healthcare practitioner as to how and how much to supplement.


3. An immune booster for winter:

The old stand-by in our family is Echinacea. As soon as cold and flu season is upon us, preferably a couple of weeks before – we all start taking Echinacea to boost our immunity.

4. Looking after your heart:

First on the list is Co-Q10. Co-Q10 is excellent for heart health, as well as maintaining a health blood pressure. It has the added bonus that it improves energy and stamina. Be aware especially if you take statins, or even if you don’t - consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner to determine the best dosage for you. A great add on or alternative to Co-Q10 is Resveratrol , which is a powerful antioxidant, known for lowering LDL cholesterol and preventing damage to blood vessels.

5. Hormonal woes:

For the ladies specifically look out for borage oil. It is the most abundant in GLA (gamma linolenic acid) and it is widely used by women for hormonal troubles like acne and other skin problems, painful periods, sore breasts, as well as infertility.

6. Antioxidants for me!

Anti-ageing is all the rage and my favourite antioxidant is green tea. Green teas active component EGCG is the most studied polyphenol antioxidant. Green tea is great for reducing stress, it has anticancer properties and it has shown promise in reducing the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.

Please note: As always if you are on any medication, or even if you are not please always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking any supplements.


About The Author:
After eight years in the retail side of the health industry, much accumulation of knowledge and information I changed industries completely and gone back to my graphic design roots. I still wish to help inform people on natural alternatives, as well as help people when they are choosing to use natural alternatives to treat disorders, diseases and distresses.
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