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Lots of Werewolf Art

Here are a whole bunch of good werewolf drawings and art:

muscled werewolf art
Delicious brown, by wolf-wind

2 wolves plotting something
July, by Coyox

male and female werewolf art
The Pedals Fall, by Coyox


wolf love
WolfLuv, by thrumyeye (it's a photo)

wolf fox hybrid


wolf standing in the wind

wolf sitting next to a tree in the shade

werewolf claws blood killing art

werewolf portrait blue sky green eyes

shadow husky werewolf orange fur

wolf mist art fog

werewolf moon warrior art

wolf heart wolves

twue wuv true love 2 wolves licking each other

Figured I'd post more werewolf art in one post for a change 🙂
Also, I got too lazy to put the person's name after each pic. If you want more info, just click the image to find the artist's name and all that stuff.


About The Author:
I post artwork of werewolves that I find online. None of these were drawn by myself, and they are posted here in accordance with fair use policies.

If you happen to be the original artist of any of these images and for some strange reason you DON'T want more people to see your art, let me know and I'll remove it. Or if you think any of these images is too large to be considered fair use, let me know and I'll resize it. I couldn't find reliable info on what's considered to be a reasonable size, so I just figured it's something a lot smaller than the original, but still big enough to see how awesome it is so that you'll want to see the original.
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