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5 Basic Supplements recommended for the average jo!

Most people know it is important to take a multivitamin these days, but many don't realize that because our diets at best are good, but lacking in many essential nutrients, multivitamins are an essential supplement.

Multivitamins are good, but don't provide enough of other vital vitamins and minerals that we need. Companies can either not put enough of the vitamin or mineral in the single multivitamin pill to cover all the basics without making it golf ball size! And then there is the problem some of the essential nutrients can't be put into a tablet or ordinary capsule, as they will denature.


The top 5 Basic daily supplements are:

1. Multivitamin (make sure it contains at least 25-50mg of all B vitamins, not to mention all the basics)

2. Vitamin C (make sure the vitamin C is in the Ester-C form, because it is non-acidic & a much better form of the vitamin than ascorbic acid)

3. Essential Fatty Acids (not standard salmon oil, pure preferably wild harvested salmon oil or any other good quality deep sea fish oil - cod liver isn't a strong source of essential fats)

4. Calcium Complex with magnesium, boron, potassium & Vit D (to be taken at night NB after supper, best citrate or other forms, any but not the carbonate or dolomite forms of calcium which our bodies can't breakdown effectively)

5. Probiotics 15 billion or more (Lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM® strain) & Bifidobacterium lactis, because of meat & milk products being contaminated with antibiotics & the overuse of antibiotics)

Those are the basics in my opinion.


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