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The car won't start and no mechanic within a kilometer What to do now?

Cars are the most popular and most preferred means of transport today. Travelling in a car offers you the pleasure of moving and stopping whenever you want, wherever you want. It's great to move in a car while going for a short trip or a weekend getaway. Cars are also machines and could fail while you are on the road, just like other machines. Certainly, you take very good care of your car, get it checked regularly, get it serviced in time, keep a note of oil and fuel levels... but a machine is a machine and may break down despite all the checkups and services. Something nobody would like is that the car won't start leaving you stranded when you are on the road. It happened with me. Let me tell you my story.

I was once travelling with my wife and kid for a weekend outing. Our destination was about 150 miles away. Needless to say, we were very excited, especially my son. We decided to leave early on Saturday morning. We left at around 5am and were on the main highway out of the city after about 30-45 minutes. After travelling for about an hour, our car stopped suddenly. I tried, but the car wouldn't start. There was more than a half full fuel tank. In fact, the car had recently come back from the regular service and I was assured that everything was in place and had been checked thoroughly. I get my car serviced at the authorized workshop only.

We were stuck on the highway with no assistance. I checked with a few locals if there might be any car mechanic nearby. No, was the terrifying word from them. I was really feeling bad. I could not face my son. He was just sitting quietly looking at me. I was extremely frustrated.

Then I recalled, "Man, you have a roadside assistance service." The thought sent a smile on my face that went to my kid as well. I called him and he said, "Don't worry, they will be here soon." I immediately picked my cell and keyed in the number. We were quite far from the city, so it took some time, around an hour for the roadside service to reach us. As their team came to our side, we were excited again.

They tried, but the car wouldn't start. They opened the hood of the car and did a checkup. They identified that there was some wire or something else that had some problem and could not be noticed from the top. The men got at work. They immediately brought the required tools and fixed our car. Guess what, I turned the key and the engine went running. My son screamed, "Papa, the car has started. Let's go". I was all full of thanks to the roadside service team. I really realized their importance. I found it worth the money I put in to subscribe to that.

I strongly recommend all the car owners to subscribe for a roadside service. It may cost you a little and you may not need for a year, but believe me the moment you need it. You would really believe that you made a very smart decision. Next time you have a breakdown in the middle of the road and the car won't start, you'll be grateful for this advice.

For even more useful tips and information or if you want to check out how you can get quick and cheap help from Falck Roadside when the car won't start (or as the Danes say Bil vil ikke starte hurtig og billig hjlp fra Falck Roadside) visit this website.


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