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For the Love of Running Boards

I didn't used to think much of running boards. Of course back then, I drove a little sedan. My only worry was hitting my head on the top of the door frame when I got into the car. I am pretty tall, so getting into the car was always a practice in contortion. One reason why I felt okay with trading in my car for a truck was that I would no longer have to worry about hitting my head on the door jam on the way down into my car. I also needed the truck for work. At that time, I never thought that a big truck would pose an all new problem, a problem I could only solve with running boards.

As I said before, I am fairly tall. When I purchased my truck, I thought that I would have no problem stepping down from a full-size truck with a six-inch lift. I was only thinking about how having a full-size truck would help me with my construction job. My first problem with my truck came when I stepped down from my truck onto a patch of icy pavement. Because I had to reach so far down before my feet actually struck pavement, I was not able to take a firm step. My legs slipped out from under me, and before I knew what was happening or had a chance to do something I was under my truck on my back. Ouch. Luckily, I was not seriously hurt from this little fall, but my pride was hurt then and is still inflamed whenever my co-workers kid me about it. The funny thing is that I didn't run buy some running boards right after this little mishap. As time went by, I found that icy spots were not my only worries. Muddy roads, uneven ground, and even gravel gave me fits. I never fell flat on my back, but I sprained my ankle once and looked like a fool more than once as I frantically grabbed for something to arrest my fall. I knew that something had to change. I couldn't get rid of my truck because I needed it for work, so I decided instead to look into running boards. I looked around quite a bit before I decided on which running boards I wanted to go with. I saw a lot of chrome running boards, and they looked pretty nice, but I knew that with my work, I wanted something that would not be prone to chipping. I don't know about you, but I think chipped chrome with rust showing through the chips is not classy. To ensure that I got good results, I wanted to get some running boards that would not be as prone to chipping. I found some nice black, powder-coated running boards. They have held up well so far. My only concern was not cosmetic.


I also wanted to make sure that the running boards had a nice grippy surface. I think the only thing worse than falling out of your truck is slipping and falling off a running board. To make sure my feet had good purchase, I made sure to buy some running boards with thick, secure rubber pads. These pads have given me good traction in all sorts of conditions. I am now perfectly happy with my truck. It was always great for the kind of work I do, but before it was a danger to my health--both the health of my body and of my pride. I no longer have to worry that I will stumble and flail around on my way out of my truck. Running boards were just what I needed.


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