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The easy way to change a flat tire

It can happen to anyone including the best drivers. When it comes to changing a flat tire, the two most important tools that you must have are confidence in your capabilities and knowledge of how to handle the task. Then you will of course need a tire iron and a car jack as well. Even if it is your first time to change a tire, you shouldn't worry as it is quite simple and you can successfully do it in no time. Here are a few tips to guide you on how to do it the right way.

Step 1

For starters, you need to locate the spare tire and it will probably be in the car trunk. If it is an SUV, it could be underneath the car bed or at the back of the tailgate. It is essential that you check that the spare tire has the right pressure amount and you can always check this at the gas station.

Step 2

Next, take the jack and carefully place it under your car at the slotted position. This is very crucial because misplacing the jack when changing a flat tire can have devastating results and even lead to fatalities. If not sure, just consult your owner's manual and you will find a detailed description together with a picture of how to do it. With all the tires on the ground, look for some bricks, wood blocks or wheel chocks and position them carefully behind the tires. This ensures that car doesn't start rolling up when it is being jacked up.

Step 3

Loosen the lug nuts when the car is still on the ground on the tire that is flat and securely place a tore iron on the nuts. You should start jacking the car up after all the nuts have been loosened but don't remove them completely. After the car is finally in the air, you can now take the nuts off and completely remove the flat tire altogether. Sometimes, the tire could be stuck and you can use a rubber mallet to hit the tire until it finally breaks free.

Step 4

After removing the tire and ensuring that the vehicle is jacked up properly, do not go underneath the car just as a precaution in case your jack falls and this will prevent the car from falling to the ground. Catch the spare wheel with a good grip so that you can mount it easily on the car. Start by hand tightening the lug nuts and secure the tire well.

Step 5

Lower the jack slowly until the tire finally touches the ground. Take the tire iron once there and place it securely on the lug nuts for maximum leverage as you tighten them. Tighten the nuts in an X pattern and remove the jack completely. Make sure that you return all your tools back to the compartment you got them from so that you can find them easily the next time. You will need to get the flat tire repaired and fit it back as you can't keep driving with the spare one for too long.

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