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Cat Farts And How To Prevent Them

You may not have given it too much thought, but your cat can fart, in much the same way as humans can, and a cat fart can be smelly and unpleasant, especially if you have guests in your home. However, these flatulent episodes can be dealt with and it is even possible to stop your cat from farting.

What Is A Cat Fart?

The expulsion of gas from the body's digestive tract through the anus is the cause of flatulence in cats and other animals. The odor that is present when a cat experiences flatulence comes from the same substances present in the intestines and stomach that produce feces, and for that reason many people find the odor to be unpleasant. The muscles in a cat's bottom are not as strong as those in a human, and for that reason, cats actually fart extremely quietly; often you cannot hear anything. In fact, most cats expel gas quite often, without us being aware of it, although the consistency and the odor can both be controlled to some degree.

What Causes Cat Farts?

A cat's food is often the cause of flatulence, although it can actually be caused by different things. Farting in cats is more likely to occur if a cat eats rotten food, and farting can also be caused by consuming even small amounts of certain other foods. Flatulence can be more common and more frequent if your cat eats soybeans or fiber on a regular basis. Flatulence can also be caused by food not being absorbed by the body properly, and that can sometimes be caused by digestive problems, worms or other parasites, or allergies.


Dealing With Cat Flatulence

Before even addressing the problem and its causes, you may want to invest in some air fresheners; another short term solution is to prevent your cat from accessing certain parts of your house. However, the problem also needs to be solved over the long term, and you may have to take your cat to the vet to solve the problem.

Preventing Cat Flatulence

Simply changing your cat's food or diet may put an end to the unpleasant smell caused by flatulence, and it is recommended to try the more simple solutions first. Flatulence is often caused by certain food or ingredients, and you may want to buy food that has fewer of the ingredients mentioned above. You may also be feeding your cat too much, and if your cat is overweight, cutting down on meal portions can be a excellent way to address both problems. However, cat fart problems may also be symptomatic of a more serious medical condition or illness, and you should address the problem sooner, rather than later. A sign that your cat may have a virus or disease or is intolerant to food, is vomiting or diarrhea. In addition, you should check your cat's abdomen to ensure that it is not bloated, and you should also be able to touch your cat's belly without causing pain. If in doubt, call your vet.

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