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How To Move and Pack With Pets in Tow

Household shifting with pets in tow can be a great problem for some people. Often, the process of taking your pets to another country or city is complicated. With adequate preparation and knowledge, however, you can make things easier for yourself and your pet.

Research and Get Information (When moving to a new country)

When moving to another place, you have to find out the restrictions and quarantine information required by the consulate. There are places that require certain vaccinations several months before the move, so if you need to make a call, do it in advance.


You can check with the consulate to find out the papers or documents you must prepare, information on breed or pet age restrictions, required vaccinations, clearing with the customs, import fees (if any), and many others.

Get Your Pets’ Records In Order


Once you’ve obtained the needed information, you can schedule for an appointment with your pet’s current veterinarian. It is important that you obtain the records of your pet, and discuss about vaccine schedules. Your pet’s vet can also guide you in taking good care of your pet before and during the move. You can even ask for referrals or recommendations from the vet, that is, if your vet has contacts in that place where you plan to relocate.

Chalk Out Your Pet’s Travel Plans

Household shifting is not only hard for the family members but also for your pet. Because of this, adequate preparation is necessary. Whether you’re planning on a road trip or perhaps ride a plane, your pet should be considered at all times. When traveling by plane, the carrier must be approved by the International Air Transport Association. Reservations should be made at least two days before the move. Road travel is less complicated, but it can also be challenging especially if your pet becomes restless.

Get Your Pet’s Belongings In Order

Prepare everything your pet needs. You will need a kennel, a collar where you can attach identification, and photos of the animal. Be prepared for the worst during the move. There have been issues about pet loss especially in the airlines. Having photos of your pet can help when an emergency occurs. If someone finds your pet, the identification information can pinpoint your exact location or address.

Hire Only Reliable Movers and Packers

The best and reliable packers and movers in the business will do their best to ensure that the move is comfortable for your pet and hassle-free for you. From advice, to ensuring safe transportation, credible packing and moving companies will take care of everything for you  

Make Your Pet Comfortable In The New Home

Don’t forget the essentials like food and important papers or documents. You have to keep these things handy especially the papers or pet records. Feed your pet a smaller amount of food because some pets get motion sickness. You also need to bring water from your old home to give your pet comfort. Once you arrive in your new home, show your pet his place. You can even take your pet to a tour inside the house.

Follow the tips above and the move will not cause a lot of stress to the whole family.


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