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Glasses Scratch Remover: Which One is the Best?

There is a vast array of commercial scratch remover products for eyeglasses on today's market. Standard glass scratch remover is self leveling and conforms itself to the shape of the lens that is being repaired. Most glasses scratch removers dry to a clear finish and the lens' prescription is not compromised. However, certain glasses scratch remover products do not work effectively on lenses that feature an anti-glare coating.

Tips for Using Glasses Scratch Remover Solutions

An online search will lead one to various websites where he or she can find suggestions and tips on how to properly use glass scratch remover products. Although a person could simply buy a new pair of glasses or replacement lenses, some individuals prefer to remove or repair the scratches on their current eyeglasses on their own with a scratch removal kit made especially for glasses. Such kits can be found for approximately $10-$20 and typically work well on the light scratches that result from daily wear and tear or from cleaning one's glasses with abrasive items such as paper towels.


However, deep scratches are often the result of improper handling of the glasses. Deep scratches are usually impossible to polish, therefore it is recommended that one acquire an opinion from an OKC optometrist. With certain situations, it is best to simply obtain a new pair of glasses.

Most glass scratch removal kits function in the same way. One must typically begin by pouring a small amount of scratch remover solution on either side of the lenses. According to the manufacturer's instructions, the glasses should be allowed to sit for the specified amount of time. The special cloth that comes with such kits should then be used to buff the solution until it is entirely removed. The following are some suggestions for those in need of scratch removal solution:

A substance called cerium oxide can be used to fill minor glass scratches, and traditional furniture polish can be used on lenses that do not feature a coating. White paste tooth polish can also be used, but this solution is best used on only light scratches.
However, the best course of action is often to take the scratched glasses to an optometrist Oklahoma City or another eye care professional where repairs can be made or replacement glasses can be purchased.

Preventing Scratches

To prevent scratches, one should keep his or her glasses in a sturdy case when they are not in use, and they should never be placed face down on a hard surface. Tissues and paper towels should not be used to polish the glasses, as these products will create small scratches on the lenses. A cotton cloth that is free from lint is a much better choice.

An effective glasses scratch removal solution will significantly increase the longevity of most eyeglasses. While numerous tips can be found concerning the prevention and removal of scratches, there are times when lenses are truly scratched beyond repair. If this is the case, eyeglasses Oklahoma City professionals should be consulted who can offer a remedy for the situation.


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