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Questions to Ask When Looking for Christian Colleges

There are many Christian colleges and universities in the United States, and it can be difficult for many high school students to find those that might be considered the top Christian Colleges. If you find yourself in this position, you might find these questions helpful if asked when you are touring Christian universites.

Why Bother?

This question has probably been asked of you a thousand times, not including all the times you have had to ask yourself. If you are considering a Christian college, you should try to figure out if attendance is worthwhile. This means figuring out why other people go there - find out about the classes, the work opportunities and the opportunities for personal growth. If you find that the admissions office at the campus cannot answer the question, you may want to ask other students. This is one of the most important questions that can be asked.


What Makes This School One of the Top Christian Colleges?

Next, try to find out what makes the school you are visiting one of the top Christian colleges. The phrase is often thrown around quite flippantly, but it is important to find out what separates this college from all the others. Academics are quite important, but it is also important to find out what really makes the school unique. Everything from campus life to community projects should be considered, and those colleges that are truly proud of their status should be willing to talk about what they do.

What About the Academics?

Many individuals assume that Christian colleges have weak academics. Of course, this is rarely true, and most admissions departments will be quick to convince you otherwise. Be careful of the words "among Christian colleges" - you should be looking for academic programs that are competitive in the general collegiate world.

What Are The Academic Strengths?

Every school has a different set of academic strengths. The top Christian colleges in Oklahoma, for example, might excel in different areas than those in Tennessee. Both public and private schools have programs that are stronger than others, and it is important that you figure out if the program you which you pursue is among those that are in the school's area of strength.


What About Faith?

If you want to attend one of the many Christian colleges and universities, you likely have concerns about your faith in college. You should ask what the school does to help its students grown in faith as they attend. Most schools will have many programs available, and most of these programs tend to be quite well advertised.

What About Graduation and Placement?

Most students wish to go to college to eventually end up in a particular field. It is wise to figure out not only how many students are employed after they graduate, but how many make it into future graduate programs. This can be quite important for anyone wanting to continue their education.

Finding the right Christian college can be quite difficult. Asking these questions, though, can help you to come to the right decision.


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