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Tips On Choosing An eReader

EReaders are great new devices for reading digital magazines and books. Recently many other features were added, and eReaders grow in popularity every day. If you are considering buying an eReader, but feel confused by the growing list of choices, here are some basic ideas to help you make the best choice.  Features you want to think about when choosing an eReader include:

Functionality - What do you want an eReader for? You want to go online, listen to music, listen to audio books, or just read books? There is no point in paying for a lot of bells and whistles, if you just want to be able to download the latest novels, read and delete.

Convenience - Consider practical aspects such as battery life, durability and ease of taking the eReader. Some adapt easily in a purse or pocket, others need a special case. What will work best for you?


Color ‚Äď Do you need it? If you want to be able to view web pages online or look at books with many illustrations, the answer is probably yes.¬†If you just want to read the latest popular novel, the answer is probably no.

Storage - Do you need to store reference materials? If so, you need sufficient storage space. If you just read books and magazines then delete them, you will not need that much space. There is no reason to pay a lot of storage space, if you do not need it.

Sharing - Want to share books and articles with your friends? If so, you want to choose an eReader that provides this functionality. To date, Nook offers this option, but Kindle does not. Like everything else on this rapidly evolving technology, that could change a minute, so keep your ear to the ground!

Word Processing - You want to be able to write, take notes and so on? In this case, you may want an iPad instead of an eReader. It has a larger screen and ability to connect your keyboard and type documents and store.

Cost - Prices change every day with new eReaders. Other resources are introduced and but are rapidly changing. Keep track of prices through the online search. Compare features carefully, decide what you want and that is worth to you, and look for coupons and special offers to help you save money on eReaders.

Recommendations - To evaluate all the new features as well as the standard features of all eReaders, check the customer testimonials and reviews.  The kindle is very popular at Amazon and the Nook is popular at Barnes & Noble. However, in this growing market, there are a lot of other options as well. If you are still confused, you should check an ereader comparison chart that compares the best models side to side. Check out some of the criticisms on eReaders.  Take some time to compare features, ereader reviews, and prices. When choosing an eReader, it's good to see many different options online, have your long-term interests and your wallet in mind when looking for offers. With the speed this industry is growing and changing, it can be difficult to choose among all eReaders. The best advice when choosing an eReader is to stay informed and stay alert for the latest changes and best offers.



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