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Homocystiene - the biggest unspoken risk contributor to cholestrol.

Homocystiene is an amino acid produced in the body during the metabolism of methionine in the liver, it is normally broken down into cysteine and ATP, but for various reasons it can build up.

The biggest contributor is insufficient B vitamins, meaning that homocystiene can't be converted before it leaves the liver and circulates through the system.


Elevated levels are associated with:

1. increased risk of cardiac disease;


2. damaging artery walls through its toxic effects on cells lining the arteries;

3. makes blood more prone to clotting;


4. and promotes the oxidation of LDL cholesterol making it more likely to be deposited as plaque in blood vessels.

Some of the biggest contributors to the whole process are elevated stress levels as a result of stressful lifestyles, as well as it has a genetic component - some families are genetically predisposed to elevated homocystiene.


Normal treatment involves statins, but these bring their own problems:

1. they bring down LDL cholesterol, but are poor at raising HDL cholesterol levels;

2. they cause muscle breakdown (for which one must have 6 month check ups);

3. they lower Co-Enzyme Q10 levels which is vital for energy levels and heart function;

4. and many statins are also toxic to the liver and carcinogenic.


Natural supplements that are effective include:

1. red yeast rice - a natural statin;

2. B vitamins including niacin (not niacinamide) pyridoxine, folic acid and B12;

3. TMG;

4. policosanol;

5. lecithin ( emulsifier of fats)

6. garlic.


Also important are dietary and lifestyle changes. Avoid high intakes of alcohol, sugar and meat. Increase consumption of brightly coloured fresh fruit and vegetables, and also vitally important fibre.

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