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Five Important Moving Facts You Need to Know

Thinking of moving to a new home? Facing the need to relocate due to a job or other need? If you are looking at the moving process head on, and you feel overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. Thousands of people move from one place to another each year, so you can rest assured that there are people out there who have experience with this event. As such, the experts, and those who move often, have come up with this easy list of five important facts on the moving process that you need to know before you go. Keep them in mind and see how simple relocation can be.

1. Movers are not Brokers and Brokers are not Movers.

Perhaps one of the most confusing parts of the moving process involves gathering moving quotes and finding the right mover for your needs. There are lots of moving companies out there, but there are lots of scams out there as well. In order to avoid a scam, or what looks like one, make sure you are dealing with a mover themselves. Brokers do not offer realistic prices and only snag you with 'lowballed' prices to get you to sign on. Movers don't have to honor these quotes, so don't get caught unaware.


2. Insurance and Valuation are different.

When it comes time to cover your things, you will have to choose between movers' valuation or traditional insurance coverage. Traditional coverage operates much like any other insurance policy you have, while valuation covers what you are moving on a per pound basis. If you choose valuation, make sure that you purchase enough to cover the most expensive things that you are allowing the movers to relocate for you.

3. Organization counts in all things.


Moving is a chaotic event, which is why you need to get organized from the very beginning. Some people might tell you that moving is simple and can be accomplished fairly quickly over one week or even weekend, but the reality of the situation is that this is not the case. You should start organizing, packing, and labeling things early. Create a moving schedule and a moving budget as soon as you know you are moving. Stick to the lists and get things done without putting them off to avoid stress.

4. Moving yourself isn't always cheaper.

Some people believe that moving your own things with a moving truck rental is the cheapest way to move, but this is not always the case. When you have to work, or when there is not help around to get your things into the truck, you might find that you are paying more for the time off or the hired hands when you move your things on your own. For this reason, be sure to consider a truck rental and professional movers before you make a final decision.

5. You can't pack everything.

There are some definite items out there that you cannot pack when you are moving to a new home. Whether these items are hazardous materials, or volatile personal effects, be sure that you ask the moving company prior to your move for a list of things you cannot pack. You might be surprised that you can't pack dish soap or paint, and doing so can void your insurance policy, so be educated before you pack your boxes just to be safe.

The Author, Janna Taylor, spends her time writing for so that consumers don't have to suffer through a difficult move. With years of experience in the moving and relocation industry, she strives to make things easier for anyone who has to relocate.

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