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Clogged Fuel Filter Symptoms: How to Identify Them

Symptoms of a Clogged Fuel System

One of the most important components of a vehicle's fuel system is the fuel filter. The filter prevents dirt and other damaging things that might contaminate the fuel from plugging the fuel injectors or other components of the fuel system. Occasionally, the fuel filter can become clogged. Several symptoms of a clogged fuel filter can be helpful in diagnosing the problem, especially when considering used cars Oklahoma City. The effects of a clogged fuel system can be damaging to a vehicle, so owners will want to identify and correct this problem as soon as possible.

Erratic Performance of Engine

One of the first symptoms you are likely to notice with a clogged fuel filter is erratic engine performance. During highway driving conditions, the driver may not notice the symptoms of a fuel filter that is not operating correctly. However, when the engine speed is reduced to an idle or during the starting process, you may notice the difference made by a restricted fuel flow to the engine. There may also be a reduction in engine performance and power.


Hard to Start Engine

As the clog becomes more severe, one of the symptoms may be difficult to miss, especially in used cars Oklahoma. The more severe clog may make it difficult to start the engine of the vehicle. Starting a car requires more fuel than the idle. If the engine requires several attempts to start or is slow to start, the problem may be because the engine is not receiving enough fuel.

Engine Hesitates

If the engine of the vehicle hesitates, the problem may be in the fuel system. If the filter becomes clogged, the amount of fuel flowing to the engine can cause a loss of performance and power. If the vehicle seems to lack its former pep or is sluggish upon acceleration, the problem is likely a clog in the fuel system, which normally occurs in the filter itself.

Frequent Engine Stalls

In order for the engine to operate efficiently and smoothly, it needs a constant fuel flow. If the engine stalls and dies, the clog is becoming more severe. This indicator of a problem needs to be addressed quickly in order to prevent an engine does not start at all.

Engine Will Not Start

As the clog reaches its worst point, the engine may not start at all. In order for the engine to run, it must receive both air and fuel. The fuel is ignited providing the power to operate the vehicle. Clogged fuel filters prevent the engine from getting fuel, a key ingredient to operate the vehicle. While there are numerous problems that can prevent the engine from running, if you have noticed some of the other indicators of a clogged fuel system in the previous weeks, you probably are experiencing a clogged fuel filter.

When buying a used vehicle it is important to keep all these symptoms of a clogged fuel filter in mind. This can help you to get the best vehicle from buy here pay here car lots in Oklahoma.


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