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Starting Your Own Travel Agency

Got the travel bug or just like to share your traveling tips? It sounds like the perfect career for you would be helping others find their way around the world. Even in a tough economy people still need a get away and vacation. Your travel agency can be a source for many to find travel deals, outsource all of their booking needs, or to get consult for their next destination. Being there for the customers to assist them in navigating the travel industry.

This new budding business idea will require the basics. First you will need to have the basics to get your company office the ground. Start with the basic office set up, a computer and phone. These will be your primary tools in assisting customers. But there are a few things that many people skim over when starting their entrepreneurial dream; here is how to avoid that rut.


Marketing For Small Business

Getting your company running as a success does require some basic marketing. We aren't saying to go out and spend 10k on a website, but you do need to have an online presence. You also need to have basic marketing materials including: business cards, travel brochures, and flyers. Your company will only find success when your name gets out; so don't forget to work in your marketing budget.

The start up of your business, needs to factor in the cost of these basic materials. If you are savvy enough, you can build your own website. The most important pieces of building a website are the following components:

  • Call to Action
  • Contact Information
  • Easy Navigation
  • Current Content and Changing Content

Your online presence will be a great source for local traffic to start getting information about your new travel agency. However you need to develop a plan to get people to your website. There are two suggested means of doing this. First, you can create an online Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, which will drive visitors to your site through various "search terms" and keywords. The other suggestion will help you get traction with your local audience. These are printed materials ranging from flyers to mailers, and brochures to share with possible consumers. Getting your name out there through impressive printed pieces is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. Designing them requires some basic know how or a team to assist you.

Designing for Print

Getting together travel brochures and flyers requires some work. The first place to start is your messaging. Knowing what message you want to convey to potential customers is critical. Once you have your message down you can determine the size of your mailer. Will it be a half sheet, a postcard, or a full brochure? Next, you need to clearly state what you want the customers to do call, go online, or come to your location. Being clear with the consumers about the action they must follow is critical for any marketing piece.

Last will be the design. If you feel that you possess the capabilities to design something compelling then by all means. This saves you the cost of a graphic designer. However, many local agencies are affordable for projects like a mailer. You can also check with local printing companies like San Francisco, they usually have a designer on staff with experience in creating direct mail pieces or flyers.

The key to finding success in your business venture is getting yourself set up right. You have to build the right tools to get your new name out there. Be engaging and deliver something that people will remember you by. The travel industry isn't going anywhere. We all need an escape from reality, so make sure to capitalize on every customer who is looking for the perfect destination.


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