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Tips For Successfully Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are the most popular fruits of all time. The only popular berries that even come close to strawberries are raspberries. Strawberries also make a very good addition to any garden. Strawberries can be grown, and be added as groundcover in the garden or these can look very decorative in a typical bed of plants. When it comes to strawberries, there are some very important things that must be met. Here are some important tips you should follow when growing these fruits that they may become very sweet and attractive, and these are about variety and location.

It is best to choose a variety that is resistant to pests and diseases. You should choose strawberries that are "viruses" and you can find them in nurseries in and around your site; do have them planted. One good thing about local area nurseries is that this means that a particular type of strawberry plant will do well in your area, and this was proved in terms of the soil and climate in the area. You can also buy strawberries, and have them delivered through direct mail catalogs.  Indeed, through horticulture, there are more options and variety when it comes to strawberries.

There are about three types of strawberries which are available for the home gardener. They are June-bearing, ever-bearing and day-neutral. They have different characteristics. June-bearing strawberries produce a great harvest, and so some concentrate on harvesting this kind of strawberries. You'll get more berries at harvest time, and such will not take long to mature. It does so only within about three to four weeks.


Site selection is very important when it comes to planting strawberries. You should make sure that the garden or the site is suitable or is a good place for such. There should be enough sunlight and good drainage. The garden should be located near a good supply of water. You do not want to travel a considerable distance just to fetch water for the strawberries. This will greatly hinder your efforts in gardening as strawberry plants require significant amounts of water. On a side note, growing raspberries also requires a lot of water.

Strawberries should be properly located so they can grow right. Shrubs should be a few meters away from each other, so that they do not compete with one another for resources. There should be enough sunlight, and it should not be placed near trees or buildings that may block the sun and provide shade. The strawberry plant will require at least 6-8 hours of much needed sunlight.


One of the main things to consider when it comes to successfully growing strawberries is the soil. Soil composition, structure and fertility must be taken into account. The best type of soil is one that allows not only the bright sun and the sun's rays to touch the strawberry; it must have good drainage. The best soil for growing strawberries is heavy clay soil, and in some cases, sandy soil. A well-dug up plot of land with loose soil will provide better air circulation and drainage which will be great for strawberries. You should use lots of mulch, and sometimes change the location of the site of the strawberries for disease prevention as there is often that problem with the soil having been repeatedly cultivated. Do not forget to thoroughly clean the area as there should be no weeds and other unwanted plants or insects and bugs. These are just some of the tips that will help you grow sweet and fresh strawberries.


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