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Tips for Surviving the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

Deep down, we all know it. It’s just a matter of time. Humanity has survived ice ages, wars, plagues of biblical proportions, and survived. But soon, it will face its greatest challenge yet- the full on zombie apocalypse. The purpose of this article is to supply you with some tips that, if followed, will allow you to survive and even thrive when the undead begin walking the earth.

First, we must get our home ready.

1) You’ll want to have some water stored before hand, in the event of such an emergency. Water is essential to our survival, and will be one of the first things to go when the you-know-what hits the fan. Have at least 1 liter per person per day, 2 liters if you want to have luxuries like washing your hands from time to time. Have at least a seven days’ supply, ideally a months’.


2) You’ll need some food as well. Again, seven days worth is good, one month is ideal. You’ll want non-perishable, high-calorie, nutrient dense foods. Peanut butter, protein bars, crackers, and canned fruit are good ideas.

3) You’ll need a first aid kit as well. While it won’t save you in the event of a zombie bite, it will help with other minor injuries and wounds. Keep any extra medication family members may need as well.

4) You’ll want to have your house stocked with cleaning supplies as well. Things like soap, anti-bacterial gel, and bleach. If you’ve ever had to kill a zombie up close, you’ll know what a mess it can make. These items might save your life.

5) You can never have too many weapons. Anything that can destroy the brain of a walking corpse is fair game. Fire arms, machetes, morning stars- whatever does the job.

For more information on general emergency preparedness, check out my site here.

What if your house isn’t a suitable fortress against the hordes of undead? Then you, sir/ma’am, must run. And for that, you need a plan.


1) Have a place, in the home and away from the home, where everyone can meet and regroup. Make sure everyone knows where the places are.

2) Have an out-of-town place to stay at, set up before hand. A friend or family member who will let you stay during an emergency, and with whom you’ll return the favor.

3) Have a vehicle capable of holding all your family members and some extra supplies. Keep your fuel topped up, as gas station can’t be relied on during emergencies. Have some extra gas stored is a great ideal if possible.

4) Evacuate at off-times (late night/early morning) to avoid traffic jams. The last thing you want to do is spend your last moments stuck in traffic, before becoming zombie chow.

The zombie apocalypse can be a real bummer, and downright ruin your day. But with a little preparation, you can ensure you and your family make it through unscathed.

And always remember- if it looks undead, aim for the head.

Good luck and stay prepared!

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