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Automatic Pet Feeder for Special Diet Pets

The automatic pet feeder is a great accessory for both dogs and cats because it provides your pets with their meals when you can’t be there to feed them. Imagine being able to work late, meet your friends at happy hour after work or even spend an impromptu night away from home, without having to worry that your cat or dog will go hungry without you there.

If you’re the parent of a special dietary needs dog or cat, it can be a big responsibility to constantly be home in time to feed him or her. Maybe he needs more controlled portions which means several small meals per day or maybe her blood sugar needs to be kept from spiking and dropping or maybe your kitty is overweight and shouldn’t be left with a  full bowl of food all at once. Well, a pet feeder is perfect for those types of situations!

Simply program your automatic pet feeder to deliver food at various intervals or specific times throughout the day. Some auto pet feeder devices allow users to program various portions along with varying times. In other words, your furry babies can receive a larger meal at breakfast, a small mid morning snack which could be followed by a decent sized lunch and then a mid afternoon snack. After that a regular dinner sized meal which could be followed later by an evening snack or treat. For those people who like weekends away, try something like the 4 Day Automatic Pet Feeder.


If your pet is left alone all day, he or she may have access to the outdoors as well, perhaps through a pet door that allows them to go potty or get some fresh air whenever the mood strikes. For lucky pets with indoor and outdoor access throughout the day, there are also some outdoor pet feeder designs in case you decide you want to leave food outside (protected from the elements.) This would allow your dog or cat to stay out and eat (if he chooses to do so) or if for some reason he gets locked out, you can be sure he’ll still get the nourishment he needs. The outdoor pet feeder should of course be checked daily just as you would your indoor feeder so you can be sure it’s got enough food in it for the day or for however long you’ll be away from home.

Keeping dogs and cats fed with a pet feeder means more freedom and convenience for you. With that said, don’t forget that  your pets need love and affection and enjoy receiving treats straight from you so be sure to spend some quality time with your pets even though you may not necessarily have to be there, your four-legged best friend loves it when you come home!


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