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Fun and Practical Dog Obedience Tips!

Most of the dog obedience tips available on the Internet are no-nonsense, which is great, but every pet owner could use a few fun tactics to shake things up a bit. Training doesn’t have to be boring! Canines respond thrive on mental and physical stimulation, and training games are a great way to combine these necessities with a valuable learning experience!

How to Combine Playing with Learning

Your pup probably has a few favorite games –but how can you make them educational? Make your pet earn playtime! Use the game as a reward. If your canine is a fetch-fanatic, why not sneak a few dog training exercises in between throws?

If your pet doesn’t know commands like “drop it” or “sit”, read up on clicker training for dogs and use the power of positive reinforcement to teach those skills now. The clicker will require “priming” – a quick click-treat-click-treat routine – before your canine will understand the communication that is taking place.


Fido will do anything to see that ball flying through the air. And that includes dropping the object of his affection at your feet on cue or performing a few dog obedience commands to earn that next toss. As soon as your pet successfully completes the command, give an immediate “click” with the clicker and toss the ball again.

Don’t give in and throw the ball (or resume the tug, or fill the Kong) until your pet gives in to the command. If stubbornness decides to rule the day just put the toy away. Your pup will be sad that playtime is over, but the point will be clear: no play without cooperation.

You may end up surprised at how many daily activities can turn into dog obedience training, especially with a clicker in hand. Your pet may not know he’s learning, but the results will be impossible to ignore!


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