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Travelling Tip: Know Your Emergency Vet

There are a lot of challenges when travelling with a small dog, ranging from making the arrangements with airlines to finding pet-friendly hotel rooms (or pet-friendly friends to stay with). From worrying over a crated dog in the cargo area of a plane to having your darling become the bawling baby of a flight with [...]

Diabetic Diet Guidelines

SUGGESTED GUIDELINES FOR DIABETICS Follow a low GI index diet, GI indexes are measured by how rapidly foods break down and how quickly they are released into the bloodstream. Consuming foods with low glycemic index for these types of foods raise the blood glucose levels slowly, thereby avoiding quick sugar boosts. Avoid foods with a [...]

Homocystiene - the biggest unspoken risk contributor to cholestrol.

Homocystiene is an amino acid produced in the body during the metabolism of methionine in the liver, it is normally broken down into cysteine and ATP, but for various reasons it can build up. The biggest contributor is insufficient B vitamins, meaning that homocystiene can't be converted before it leaves the liver and circulates through [...]

Cholestrol Diet Guidelines

Cholesterol Diet Certain foods can be particularly useful in controlling your cholesterol levels 1) Olive oil and olive products - olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.  Olive oils high monounsaturated fatty acid content lowers "bad" low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and increases 'good' high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. 2) Polyunsaturated, 'lite' and [...]

Listen to Your Body: When to Push It and When to Back Off

Obviously there is going to be some distress during training. Muscles have to go through some physical stress in order for the body to learn to adapt to new demands placed on it as well to make the physical gains that result with training. Training is basically programming the muscles to become stronger and more [...]

How To Fix CrossFire Micro-Stuttering

I've tested this in 2 games that had pretty bad micro-stuttering, and it fixed it in both cases. If this works for other games as well (it should), please let me know in the comments. Test Drive Unlimited 2 had bad stuttering all over the place, and is now super smooth. Skyrim had stutter in certain [...]

Choosing The Best Omega Supplements

When choosing a essential fatty acid (Omega 3) supplement there are a few things to remember. 1. the actual over-all amount of fatty acid contained in the capsule isn't all that important. 2. always look at the DHA vs EPA ratios 3. make sure the fish source is stated specifically 4. make sure the fish [...]

How to Force Steam to Cancel a game Update (Borderlands 2)

Steam is a great concept, but there are certain things about it that are really annoying from an end-user perspective. Forced updates is one of these things. My friend and I live in the same flat, and we both have Borderlands 2 on Steam. So when an update is available, my friend usually downloads it [...]

5 Basic Supplements recommended for the average jo!

Most people know it is important to take a multivitamin these days, but many don't realize that because our diets at best are good, but lacking in many essential nutrients, multivitamins are an essential supplement. Multivitamins are good, but don't provide enough of other vital vitamins and minerals that we need. Companies can either not [...]

Tips To Save You Money When Traveling

Traveling can be an amazing, wonderful time.You may learn new things, see things you'vealways wanted to see and maybe only thought about in dreams. Perhaps you will even make some new international friends. In this article, you will learn some great tips and get some advice on the ins and outs of traveling. If you [...]

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