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Everything about German Shepherd Training

German shepherd training can be easy but under certain circumstances it can also be complicated. First of all, we have to make it clear that dogs, even from the same breed, can be quite different from each other. So, if your dog is among the ones with a dominant character you should probably be more patient and persistent in your training. Regardless of how difficult your German shepherd training will be, there are some standard steps you should follow. German shepherd training is divided into two subcategories: Basic Training and Advanced Training.

Basic Training

In most cases, basic training is being applied to young puppies (five to six months old) and lasts approximately six months. The trainer in basic training can be the dog owner himself if time and proper knowledge are available. Otherwise it is better to address to a professional trainer. The following are the most important steps in German Shepherd Training.

1) Potty Training


Dog potty training basics is the very first training a puppy should receive. It must be applied at a very young age while the puppy is 10 to 12 weeks old. The older the dog gets the more difficult it is to teach him to eliminate in a certain spot you have defined. Whenever you observe that your puppy is getting anxious and is going in circles take him and put him on the spot or take him out. If the procedure is successful then reward your dog immediately. Accidents will occur in the beginning, but this is completely natural. Show your disappointment without shouting or going mad. This will frighten him and the next time he will try to hide from you, which is something you want to avoid.

2) Come Sit and Stay

These are the basic commands that are part of the general dog obedience training and they are crucial for the development of the relationship between human and dog. Strap a long leash to your puppy (6 to 8 ft) and with a steady and a dominant voice tone call your dog by saying: “Jack Come” and start pulling the dog towards your side. It is important to always pronounce the dog's name first whatever the command is in order to attract your puppy's attention. Keep pulling the dog until he comes to you. Then reward and talk nice to him. Repeat this session several times. However, four to five times is enough because otherwise the puppy will get bored.

3) Leash Training

In the sixth month of his age take your German puppy out with a leash. Keep him at a relatively close distance (4 to 6 ft). Hold the leash tight and pull instantly whenever it tries to walk in a different direction than yours. Simultaneously with the sudden pull say a command like “here” or whatever you choose. After completing the leash training, you will be enjoying long walks with your German Shepherd without getting dragged around by him.


4) Eliminating Bad Habits

Discourage bad habits right from the beginning and show to your puppy that you are not tolerable to bad behaviors like for example, jumping to visitors or chewing on furniture.

5) Socializing

Do not isolate your dog from humans or from other animals if you want to avoid unreasonable aggression in the future and additional aggressive behavior dog training. You don’t have to worry that your dog will get “soft”. German Shephards natural instinct is to protect his owners.

Advanced Training

German Shepherd advanced training includes property protection, guarding and attack training. As I mentioned previously, this training should be carried out by professional trainers unless you want to end up facing charges for dog attacks.

Keep in mind that except good training you also want a healthy dog. German shepherds are among the dogs with food allergy risk. So make sure that you feed your German Shepherd with Allergy-free foods.

Be patient and persistent and try to transfer positive energy to your dog. You will be amazed how fast a German shepherd can learn.


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