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24 inch rims and tires

So you want some shiny new 24 inch rims for your vehicle? There are many different types of rims, and the prices are going to vary a lot depending on what brand you buy and the material they're constructed from. They can me made from chrome, steel, aluminum or alloy. Steel rims are generally the least expensive. You get rims with a polished finish, or black rims, you get various different colors, and you get chrome rims as well.

The most important thing to consider when looking for rims, is whether they will fit your vehicle well or not. Certain rims are made for certain types of vehicles, so be sure to ask the dealer if you're unsure if it will fit your vehicle or not.

Rims can be bought at a car parts shop, tire shops or ordered online. Online retailers will generally have better selections, because they can list everything even if they don't physically have stock of it yet. You can compare prices quite well this way. However, it can be more difficult to ask the dealers questions this way.

24 inch black rims

If you're looking for some nice 24 inch black rims that are also affordable, you can generally get them for $300 or less each, depending on where you look. Rims Legend sells some of these for about $300. There are many good brands you can get, suchas the Akuza Spur 24 inch Gloss Black Machined Rim wheels, Milanni Stellar Gloss wheels, and Vision Xtacy Gloss Black rims as well. If you want some really really cheap rims though, you can look at Wheelfire - they're selling a RAZE 24 inch black rim for about $170-$185 each.


The cheaper rims are usually made by Xxr Wheels, KMC and Legacy. and Crowder's are other good online places to get your wheels from.

24 inch chrome rims

Chrome rims are really shiny and generally look great on almost any vehicle. They're also usually more expensive than black rims. The cheaper options are the Chrome 24 inch SUV wheels currently on sale at Crowder's Customizing for $265 each. Most chrome rims tend to cost $300 or more, and some models can even cost as much as $1000 each, if you want something really high end that is.

There are some more affordable options for chrome rims, and these are the Onyx 907 rims going for about $350 at, and the Gazario Black Insert Chrome Plated rims, at, and the Polo Wheels Polaris also at wheelfire. Both of these are around $370.


Silver 24 inch rims

These are more expensive than both black and chrome rims. A decent affordable option is the Boss 300 that are on sale at for about $330. Do keep in mind that the prices of these will vary depending on what vehicle you need to install them on. So if you're looking on, select a vehicle on the website so that they can give you a better idea of what it will cost. The Ace Alloy T1 Silver Gloss are also reasonably priced silver rims you can get, they go for about $400 each. is a good place to check if you want to buy a set of 4 rims at once. They sell sets of black and silver rims together for about $1400 for the whole set. This might sound like more money, but it's actually not that bad if you consider that rims are usually $300-$400 if you buy them seperately anyway, so that adds up. This way is actually quite cheap.

Second hand rims

You can get decent rims second hand as well, but this is generally not a good idea to do online, because that way you can't examine the rims yourself to check for defects and other problems. It's important to be sure that they're in good condition. Your safety while driving is much more important than saving a bit of money.


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