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Tips to Prevent and Remove Cat Urine

I can't imagine not living with cats but I can't take living with the smell of cat pee! Over the years I've had my fair share of rebellious felines who think that my plants make a good bathroom or perhaps find a nice cozy spot near the curtains that they somehow think I won't see. [...]

How Accurate is an Personality Career Test?

Most every career assessment test out there is made by professionals and often provides key information regarding your career orientation. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, you can now take this test from your computer, provided the fact that you have an internet connection. The career test is even more complete than a regular [...]

The Different Types of Common Sleeping Disorders

Lack of sleep is a problem that has continued to grow out of control in the past few years.  People's lives and schedules get busier and more demanding, but there are still the same amount of hours in a day.  Increased stress and anxiety from this type of life style has also found its way [...]

Easy Ways to Get More Exercise Daily

You already know the basics of losing weight but the difficult part is putting theory into practice. People realize that exercise is important but trying to come up with a routine can be difficult. For some reason, people associate weight loss with strict forms of exercise such as jogging around the track or swimming laps [...]

Fun and Practical Dog Obedience Tips!

Most of the dog obedience tips available on the Internet are no-nonsense, which is great, but every pet owner could use a few fun tactics to shake things up a bit. Training doesn’t have to be boring! Canines respond thrive on mental and physical stimulation, and training games are a great way to combine these [...]

Automatic Pet Feeder for Special Diet Pets

The automatic pet feeder is a great accessory for both dogs and cats because it provides your pets with their meals when you can’t be there to feed them. Imagine being able to work late, meet your friends at happy hour after work or even spend an impromptu night away from home, without having to [...]

Every Marine Tank Needs A Protein Skimmer

The title says a lot. But if you are a marine aquarium hobbyist you already knew that, right? Here's the problem; too many of the people in our hobby know it but they just don't want to believe it. If I polled every person who was trying to maintain a healthy salt water tank I [...]

Using Mind Machines To Attain Altered States

Since we've had the ability to make decisions and interact with our environment, humans have always held sacred those things that strongly influenced their mind. Every culture has their own form of this, and it ranges in everything from the spiritual leaders promoting fasting and prayer to the shaman ritual of ingesting ayahuasca in the [...]

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