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Why The REI Base Camp 4 Is The Ultimate Camping Tent

Our REI Base Camp 4 tent is the closest thing to having a portable cabin when it comes to comfort and durability. When you need to stay stay warm and dry, this tent for you. I have made many poor choices when it comes to camping tents.  The lessons from the poor choices have taught [...]

From Shopping On Online Consignment Stores To Setting A Budget, There Are Many Ways To Save More Money

When you feel like your finances are out of control, it is easy to be overcome with frustration. This feeling that you have no control is common, but it can be eliminated if you apply some basic strategies. From setting a budget to finding deals through various online consignment clothing stores, there are plenty of [...]

Why You Should Buy The Emotion Temptation Kayak? My Review tells all...

The Emotion Temptation Kayak is a of sit-on-top kayak which is extremely versatile that paddles very well in almost all water conditions like slow moving rivers, lakes, surf and creeks. This kayak is fully loaded with all the features including Ledge Lock Paddle Keeper, CRS Seat and freedom Footwells for providing comfort as well as [...]

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