Portuguese Culinary Primer

Portugal has a very diverse culture, due in part to the fact that it had the oldest European colonial empire and took influence from several of its dependencies over the centuries. As a seafaring nation on the Atlantic ocean, they have a very large fishing industry, and are known for their wine and their unique [...]

You Have Many Options When it Comes to Grilling

If you are not an avid griller, you are certainly missing out on a gratifying and exciting experience.  There is nothing like transforming raw meat, seafood, or produce into a grilled feast with your own hands and a little help from the barbecue grill.  I have explored almost every option when it comes to producing [...]

The Benefits of Automatic Watch Winders

Self-winding watches, better known as automatic watches, are powered by human motion rather than a battery. As long as the person wearing one walks and moves for at just under half an hour a day, an automatic watch will keep ticking. As long as the person wearing the watch only owns one watch, there's no [...]

Five Ways To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home With Roach Repellents

Repelling cockroaches іѕ one portion оf аn integrated pest management solution fоr ridding уоur home оf cockroach infestations. If thе roaches dоn't like thе environment оf уоur home, thеу аrе less lіkеlу tо enter аnd nest іn thе first place. If уоu саn find roach repellents thаt dоn't аlѕо repel аll thе humans уоu know [...]

Tips for Surviving the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

Deep down, we all know it. It’s just a matter of time. Humanity has survived ice ages, wars, plagues of biblical proportions, and survived. But soon, it will face its greatest challenge yet- the full on zombie apocalypse. The purpose of this article is to supply you with some tips that, if followed, will allow [...]

Tips For Successfully Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are the most popular fruits of all time. The only popular berries that even come close to strawberries are raspberries. Strawberries also make a very good addition to any garden. Strawberries can be grown, and be added as groundcover in the garden or these can look very decorative in a typical bed of plants. When it comes [...]

Tips On Choosing An eReader

EReaders are great new devices for reading digital magazines and books. Recently many other features were added, and eReaders grow in popularity every day. If you are considering buying an eReader, but feel confused by the growing list of choices, here are some basic ideas to help you make the best choice.  Features you want to think [...]

Glasses Scratch Remover: Which One is the Best?

There is a vast array of commercial scratch remover products for eyeglasses on today's market. Standard glass scratch remover is self leveling and conforms itself to the shape of the lens that is being repaired. Most glasses scratch removers dry to a clear finish and the lens' prescription is not compromised. However, certain glasses scratch [...]

Why The REI Base Camp 4 Is The Ultimate Camping Tent

Our REI Base Camp 4 tent is the closest thing to having a portable cabin when it comes to comfort and durability. When you need to stay stay warm and dry, this tent for you. I have made many poor choices when it comes to camping tents.  The lessons from the poor choices have taught [...]

How To Tell When A Toddler Is Ready For Potty Training

Potty training a toddler can be a challenge for both parent and toddler. It requires patience and understanding from the parent and a certain amount of willingness from the toddler. However, there is no reason why your toddler cannot be potty trained after just one, or maybe two weeks. Before we potty trained our toddler [...]

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