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How to draw hair: male

Some commenters have expressed an interest in a male hair tutorial. Here ya go! Below are some cool hairstyles I found with the ever-useful Google.  I went ahead and sketched their basic outlines. [Photo's belong to their respective owners.]   Step 1. Choose a style that suits your picture. The hairstyle will bring out the [...]

How to draw a female face in profile

There is more than one method to draw a face from the side. When I looked around on the Net I found at least three starting points, but in this tutorial I'll just show you two.   I prefer the first one, but those of you who have done this tutorial, might find the second [...]

The Interesting Concept of Using Guitar Effects Pedals For Vocals And Keyboards

Those successful in recording and music all have one similarity...  They have created their own unique sound.  However, creating a unique sound is not always easy for the musician. Some in the field will spend many years developing a unique tone.  Developing one's jackpot tone is normally done through many hours of trial and error [...]

How to draw hair: female

Some commenters expressed an interest in a hair tutorial. Today is the day they shall have their way! I found a few interesting hairstyles here. I strongly recommend you go check it out. The website says these hairstyles go well with an oval face. As I am fashionably challenged I have no idea and I'll [...]

How to draw realistic eyes

Someone asked about eyes. Rather than try to explain with words, I decided to put up a step by step of my process. I'm sure there are other ways to go about this, but this is my method in 10 quick steps. Questions welcome. Remember: Don't press too hard if you're using traditional media (pencils). [...]

How to draw a girl from behind

I thought I'd share my process in drawing this with those who are interested. Here's my reference (taken from Process (explanation below):     1. Draw your basic sketch. (On a new layer, not on the background layer. You're going to need transparent lines later). 2. Fix line weight. 3. Fix details in hair. [...]

How to draw a nose (front)

Here's a quick step-by-step on how to draw a nose from the front. This is basically my process. Quick and easy. For a tutorial on how to draw a a nose from the side, see this page. For a tutorial on how to draw a female face, see this page.

How to draw a nose (side)

Here's a quick step-by-step on how to draw a nose from the side. This is basically my process. For a tutorial on how to draw a male face see this page.

How to draw faces: male

Since we already have a female face tutorial, I thought it would be a good idea to give the men some exposure. Here's a tutorial on how to draw a male face. The same principles apply as with the female face tutorial. I'll note a few differences. Before starting this tutorial please check out these [...]

How to draw a body: male

I didn't want to seem sexist, so here's the male version of female body tutorial. This was actually a lot of fun to draw, since I kind of suck with male bodies. If I could manage a somewhat decent dude, you can too! You can do eet! What you need before we start: 1. Pencil [...]

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