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    WordPress: Disable Email Confirmation & Users Choose Their Own Passwords

    Apparently, WordPress doesn't want people to easily let their users (Multi-site or otherwise) choose their own passwords when they register, or be able to log in immediately afterwards without having to confirm their email first. I'm putting this here because it took me a LONG time to find these simple (free) plugins to do this, [...]

    GTA V: Better Helicopter Handling Mod

    Dear Rockstar, The default chopper handling in GTA V sucked horribly. I fixed it. You're welcome. -SoulRiser Don't use this mod in GTA Online - bad things might happen to your account. This mod changes the handling of helicopters in the game to make them smoother and actually enjoyable to fly. It gets rid of [...]

    Grand Theft Auto V: How to seperate Story Mode from Online completely

    Intro & some ranting So I bought Grand Theft Auto V on PC, mainly for the single player. I also like using some mods. But, there's a bit of a problem. Every time there's an update for GTA V, I can't play unless I allow the update to install. Why? Well, because Steam is stupid. [...]

    How To Fix CrossFire Micro-Stuttering

    I've tested this in 2 games that had pretty bad micro-stuttering, and it fixed it in both cases. If this works for other games as well (it should), please let me know in the comments. Test Drive Unlimited 2 had bad stuttering all over the place, and is now super smooth. Skyrim had stutter in certain [...]

    How to Force Steam to Cancel a game Update (Borderlands 2)

    Steam is a great concept, but there are certain things about it that are really annoying from an end-user perspective. Forced updates is one of these things. My friend and I live in the same flat, and we both have Borderlands 2 on Steam. So when an update is available, my friend usually downloads it [...]

    A lazy procrastinator's journey from $0-2500 per month online (in 6 years)

    ... and how you can probably do it faster There's no such thing as a "get rich quick" scheme... or at least, I never believe anyone who says there is. Making money from websites is something almost anyone can do, if and only if they stick with it and don't give up. So many people [...]

    How To Make Money With Your Website (Part 3)

    Online Money Making Ideas This is part 3 of the series on making money with your website. Part 1 focused on keyword research, aka how to find a profitable topic for your site. Part 2 was about how to optimize your site so that it can be more easily found via search engines (mainly Google), [...]

    How To Make Money With Your Website (Part 2)

    This is part 2 of a series about how to make money from your website. Part 1 covered how to find a profitable topic to write about, and how to research your competition to figure out how easy it'll be to rank for a keyword. So you should probably start there if you're new to [...]

    How To Make Money With Your Website (Part 1)

    There are various ways of making money with a website, but the easiest way for most people to start is probably by putting Google Adsense on the site. If you can make money with Adsense, you can probably make money with other methods as well, that's why it's such a good place to start. Search [...]