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GTA V: Better Helicopter Handling Mod

Dear Rockstar,
The default chopper handling in GTA V sucked horribly.

I fixed it. You're welcome.


Don't use this mod in GTA Online - bad things might happen to your account.

This mod changes the handling of helicopters in the game to make them smoother and actually enjoyable to fly. It gets rid of the aggressive "snapping back" effect when you control the pitch and roll. As a side effect, it also doesn't "wobble" as much. You can actually aim at things on the ground reasonably well with mounted guns. This is especially nice with the 1.30 update that allows the mouse to control yaw - this is the only way I know of to have any analog yaw aiming at all.


Warning: Flying with this mod requires more skill than the default handling. You can actually do barrel rolls* and loops and other things that can result in a spectacular death. 🙂


If you have mods that enable the Annihilator, Savage, Valkyrie or Skylift in Story Mode, their handling should also be affected by this mod. I haven't tested them much though.


My mod should work with all older versions of the game also... probably.


My handling.meta files are all based on No Turbulence, by squarewave. So, what this means is that turbulence will also be disabled for all the planes when you install my mod. I also updated it to disable turbulence for newer DLC's (up to game version 1.30). If you don't want turbulence to be disabled, you'll have to edit all the files manually. I have instructions for how to do that further down.


Download link:


Known Issues:

  • The camera still sways by itself. Not sure how to change that, or if that's even possible.
  • The AI flies choppers in a bit of a retarded manner now. Might affect some missions, but I haven't tested that... nor do I think I'd be able to fix it anyway.
  • Aiming (with mounted guns) still feels a bit crude and bouncy.


PS: To everyone who thinks the default chopper handling was made that way because it's "more realistic" - go play a flight simulator, or ask a real pilot. There is nothing even remotely realistic about a chopper auto-stabilising itself so aggressively that you can't control the wobbling after-effect. Real helicopters CAN do barrel rolls and loops.


* Barrel rolls are weird. Something in the game prevents the heli from going past a certain point, so you just end up upside down, and then you have to rectify yourself again. Oh well.


How it works / What I changed in handling.meta:

  • fTurublence* = all 0 (yes, they actually spelt "turbulence" wrong) - leave this at the default if you actually like the turbulence.
  • fAttack* = all 0 - This is the aggressive "snap back" effect.
  • fPitchStabilise = I changed it to 0.0005 for all helicopters (but NOT for the Hydra's hover mode, I left that at the default).

You can experiment with fPitchStabilise - higher values make it stabilize the pitch faster, if you're into that sort of thing. The default is normally around 0.002 or 0.001 for most choppers. You can also just leave it unmodified if you want the handling to be more... well... annoying, I guess.


To prevent Steam from overwriting your mods when it auto-updates the game, check out this guide:

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You can also use this to keep your GTA Online completely seperate and unmodded for safety reasons.


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