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6 Helpful Tips on Losing Weight Fast

The following weight loss plan can help you lose anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds in one week. This plan does not involve starving, diet pills, or cutting out food groups in their entirety. It's all about making small sacrifices and adapting certain methods that will benefit you in the long run. Make Water Your […]

Easy Ways to Get More Exercise Daily

You already know the basics of losing weight but the difficult part is putting theory into practice. People realize that exercise is important but trying to come up with a routine can be difficult. For some reason, people associate weight loss with strict forms of exercise such as jogging around the track or swimming laps […]

Losing Weight and Fat: Herbs, Supplements & Diet Guidelines

Looking to lose a few centimetres? Read on. The most common complaint is that one just needs to lose a few centimetres “around”. This article is designed to provide you with some hints, tips, herbs and supplements to enable you to do just this and look fantastic. Herbs & Spices We will start with some […]

15 Great Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Author: James Wendt. It may be somewhat difficult to compile a list of 15 great ways to lose belly fat fast as all the tips provided may not be the right ways for all people. Obesity and belly fat are widely spread syndromes and there are no simple solutions to get rid of them. Everyone’s […]

How to get rid of constipation

Being constipated is something that most people with encounter at some point in life. Constipation can also cause many colon diseases, like hemorrhoids, varicose veins, colitis, diverticulotis and even colon cancer. It's important to eat the right foods, but it's also important to get rid of waste properly. Scientific studies have found that people with […]

Mass Gaining for Ectomorphs

Gaining mass can be a tricky thing if you're an ectomorph. Ectomorphs are thin and their bodies do not retain muscle very easily. Rather ectomorphs breakdown muscle and use it up for energy very easily. To overcome the difficulties that ectomorphs have in gaining muscle, they must first put a stop to muscle breakdown. The […]

Wear The Right Gear For Running In Winter

Winter running can be just as exhilarating as running in the warmer months, as long as you remember to pay attention to a few details which will help you thrive in the cold weather. All the major running brands now offer their own ranges of cold weather running clothing, so you shouldn't have any reason […]

Mastering Your Memory

For students, busy parents, and retirees alike, memory and the loss of it can be exceptionally frustrating. While permanent memory loss is typically associated with severe injury and the aging process, we are all subject to forgetting pertinent pieces of information. Our brains are not just a super computer, storing information to be filed away […]

How To Stop Craving Sugar

I used to have a MASSIVE carb addiction (you can learn more about me at the end of this post) and my 'carb' of choice was beautiful, sweet sugar. I could eat almost any treat, but my favorite things to eat were baked goods: cookies, muffins, cake, brownies - yum! I still like having treats […]

What is Gout and natural foods to beat it

For those who are not aware, Gout is a condition which affects the knee joints leading a person to goudy arthritis, hyperuricemia and many other. What is Gout? A painful condition in your joints and soft tissues, Gout develops when the uric acid (body waste) starts to get deposited causing them to inflame ultimately leading […]

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