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Gingivitis: The Ultimate Guide To Curing Gum Disease

This is Part 2 of my original post, How To Get Rid Of Gingivitis (Gum Disease) Fast & Naturally, which you can read here. Since I found myself updating that post every few years, I decided to start from scratch and just write a new one, with more information in it. In this guide I [...]

Grand Theft Auto V: How to seperate Story Mode from Online completely

Intro & some ranting So I bought Grand Theft Auto V on PC, mainly for the single player. I also like using some mods. But, there's a bit of a problem. Every time there's an update for GTA V, I can't play unless I allow the update to install. Why? Well, because Steam is stupid. [...]

Candida - information, treatment and diet.

Candida is one of the trickiest things to get rid of. This is mainly because only the dietary changes or only the supplements on their own will not get rid of the candida overgrowth. In the health industry one most commonly sees the occurrence of Candida as oral or genital infections, but it also affects [...]

The top basic supplements that you may not be aware of...

Originally I did an article on the five best supplements. I am going to rehash a little of it as a recap and then add on a few more that are also great supplements. Many of us take multivitamins, of the effervescent form. What we do not realise that mostly the better multivitamins come in [...]

How to Use Your Innate Emotional Intelligence

The best way to look at your emotional intelligence is to think of your feelings as being guides to a healthy life and a healthy, sustainable world. Our bodies have the natural ability to send signals to us when our needs are not met, whether those needs are physical or emotional. For example, when we [...]

How To Choose A Vet Your Dog Will Approve Of

The most important person in your dog's life (other than you, of course) is your veterinarian. If your four-legged friend could talk, what would he or she say about your current veterinarian? Is the vet calming and caring, or cold and rough? It's important to choose a veterinarian that both you and your dog approve [...]

Tips For Putting Together A Disaster Preparedness Plan

According to the American Red Cross, natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and forest fires affect more than 200 million people across the world every year. For this reason, it is advisable to protect yourself and your family by preparing for unforeseen natural calamities. Involve Your Family When preparing a disaster plan, it is [...]

Good Food, Getting Fit and Gardening: The Perfect Recipe to Make Your Day Stress-Free

When people feel the attack of stress on their body, the one thing they do is forget. They forget that stress makes you go deep into unhealthy lifestyle habits and they forget that what matters most is not what causes your stress but about what you do when stress strikes at you. A pretty good [...]

Moving Your Pets: Help Your Animals Move Easy

Moving can be a huge hassle, especially if you have pets. Pets can't handle stress the way people do, and they can't communicate as we do either. As such, it is important to take time to understand the best methods of moving your animals so that you don't have to consider giving them up to [...]

Travel Safety Tips For Your Next Holiday Tours

Chances are, you will not get into any dangerous situation when you travel abroad; it pays to be extra careful when you travel outside of your own country. When travelling abroad, you can't help standing-out from the crowd. You will look different, speak a different language and move differently from the surrounding people. That is [...]

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