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Male yeast infection treatments and cures

Treatment for Yeast Infections in Men

Yeast infections are normally associated with women, but this doesn't mean that women are the only ones who ever get it. Men can get yeast infections too, and unfortunately a lot of the time they might not even realize they have it.

They might have no symptoms at all, but if they do have symptoms it's usually in the form of a rash, or a burning sensation of the penis.


Even more unfortunately, it seems that there hasn't been much reliable research done on male yeast infections, and a lot of the websites that claim to have all the answers seem to be selling something. So I've tried to compile as much reliable information as I can, and I hope that it helps you with your problem.

Are yeast infections contagious?

Yeast infections (also called candida) can be transmitted by direct contact of the affected area, but this is unlikely to actually happen though.

Yeast infections can also be caused by using condoms that use nonoxynol-9 as a lubricant.

Treatments for male yeast infections

Any decent treatment must take care of the most basic underlying problem of yeast, and that is its growth. There need to be good bacteria to take care of the problem too, and no amount of food restrictions will cure the problem unless you have enough good bacteria present.

Generally, you will go to a doctor, and he will give you some medication to use for the yeast infection. This can work, but the yeast infection can come back again if the medication didn't actually take care of the underlying cause, and instead just treated the symptoms (this is what most yeast infection medications do). So you may need to look into natural remedies for your yeast infection.

Natural remedies for male yeast infections

Natural remedies generally have less side effects, are cheaper and are less likely to make the problem re-occur later.

  1. Eat lots of yoghurt, which will promote the growth of friendly bacteria such as acidophilus. Be sure that this is plain yoghurt though, with no sugar added.
  2. Garlic has anti-fungal properties, so be sure to eat a lot of that.
  3. Oregano oil can kill the yeast, but it works best if it contains more than 68% carvacrol, so check the ingredients first.
  4. Take a warm bath with vinegar. This can help to soothe the skin and get rid of the itching. It can also stop the growth of the yeast due to the pH rebalancing.
  5. Tea tree oil and cinnamon oil will also kill the yeast nice and quick.
  6. Coconut oil can also be used for male yeast infections, this can be in the form of pill or in liquid form in a bottle. You can also get extra virgin coconut oil from a health food store.
  7. Herbs can work, such as goldenseal, chamomile and black walnut. These have anti-bacterial properties.
  8. Flax seeds are known to help as well

What to eat to help get rid of male yeast infections

  • Eat fish and poultry
  • Olive oil and nuts are also good
  • Drink lots and lots of water (remember all those times people told you to drink at least 8 glasses a day? Now would be a good time to start doing that)
  • Whole grains

What happens if you don't treat the yeast infection?

It will usually go away by itself, because the body can fight these things by itself most of the time. But in a worst case scenario, you might develop a few really bad things... which may require surgery to fix.



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