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Is it possible to reach the maximum level in SWTOR within 7 days of playing?

In just a single week, the MMO game known as Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has created history in MMO. According to recent statistics, around a million online players participated in playing the mmo game just one week after it has been introduced in December 2011. Aside from this, SWTOR has also shown advancement in sales that is relatively unmatched by any other MMO game out today. Although the game had been based upon the history of the best-selling film Star Wars, the game's timeline is set around three thousand years earlier compared to the movie. The game describes the history and conflict behind the warring groups Jedi Republic and Sith Empire. In a sense, SWTOR has become an extension of the story behind the movies.

With a serious population and a rapidly increasing gamer subscription, competing in SWTOR can become extremely difficult most especially if you're a new gamer who was not able to play in the game's beta phase. Gamers who were lucky enough to get chosen to play the game in SWTOR’s closed beta have already experienced the feel and aspect of the online game. Because of this, you'll definitely have a hard time going against most of these veteran SWTOR players.


Rumors about people reaching level 50 in SWTOR within 7 days - Is it true?

The impressive thing is, there were hear says spreading just a little over a week after SWTOR was unveiled. The hear says reported that there were already a large group of avid gamers who were able to reach the maximum cap level of 50 in SWTOR within just a week of playing the game. In addition to that, the online players who were able to reach the level 50 max cap limit also involved newbie SWTOR players who did not even play the game during it's closed beta. While the other online players are just starting up with their adventures, these new online players are already dominating the mmo game. Is there some hidden truth in this rumor?

In SWTOR, you are not obliged to "power level". This means that you are not obliged to battle against hundreds, if not thousands, of opponents just to attain decent experience points to level up. Given that SWTOR introduces quests as a way to obtain massive experience points, it distinguishes itself from the traditional MMO style of play. Because of this setup, avid gamers do not need to conquer substantial numbers of opponents or even work to go solo if they want tolevel up quickly in the game. With quests and missions making the most percentage out of the experience points that can be obtained, even newbie gamers can easily obtain highest possible level in the game if they just pick their quests with care.

A Totally Different MMO Game Setup

A number of missions in SWTOR can provide really big experience points to players, while some missions and quests only provide little experience even if they are hard to accomplish. Choosing the wrong missions to take can waste your time and energy if you do not understand how to pick them out with care. Achieving the highest possible max cap limit in SWTOR is possible once you know which missions to ignore and which missions to take. And to achieve that knowledge, a SWTOR Crafting Strategy Guide is definitely needed if you are really serious in reaching the highest possible level in the game.


These days, you can find SWTOR Build Strategies that will enable you to obtain level 50 within just seven days of play. Strategy guides are common for big games like SWTOR because it allows you to compete with the large number of gamers in your server. Having a SWTOR Guide at your disposal can tremendously increase the speed of the process because it will reveal the path, directions and maps that will make your quests easier to accomplish. With intelligent gaming and a handy SWTOR strategy guide at your disposal, reaching the maximum possible level in SWTOR is actually not that difficult to accomplish.


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